Our commitments

Commitment n°1 : Our customers’ satisfaction

Every day, all of PNA-AERIAL’s teams do their utmost to provide you with transport tailored to your requirements.

Commitment n°2 : Listening to you

Our sales teams are on hand Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Commitment n°3 : Responsiveness

To ensure impeccable responsiveness, a telephone hotline provides 24/7 emergency assistance.

Commitment n°4 : The reliability and safety of our vehicles

In order to guarantee the safety and reliability of our equipment, we have chosen to have an in-house workshop.
Our team of mechanics regularly checks and maintains all of our vehicles.

Commitment n°5 : Professionalism and compliance with regulations

Our drivers are all specifically trained for the transport of passengers (FIMO – FCO).
For your safety, we ensure compliance with passenger transport regulations.

Commitment n°6 : Responsibility

  • Drive for the environment :
    By choosing to regularly renew its fleet, PNA-AERIAL is committed for the environment.
    This proactive policy means that you travel in less polluting vehicles with engines that meet the most recent environmental standards (Euro5/Euro6).
  • Road safety :
    Since 2014, PNA-AERIAL has been involved in the association Cahier de Route, whose mission is to heighten young people's awareness of road safety issues, work  within schools using appropriate tools and deliver one and speak for carriers with one voice (members of the association).